How soon will I receive my order after payment?
The average time to receive an order is 1 - 5 minutes!
How to work with 2FA?
Every 2FA account has a secret key, at 2fa.live
you must enter this key and you will receive a 6-digit code to enter your account
What are these accounts for?
These accounts are solely for running ads
How to use accants?
If you are new to bays, you can contact support and we will suggest the current scheme of the bay
Why is my account blocked?
— Login to your account from other countries/cities (different IP address).
— Login to your ad account from Crimea.
— Crediting a large amount to the account balance.
— The name on the bank card is different from the name on the website.
— Using a bank card from another country.
— A sharp increase in advertising costs.
— Change of payment method.
— Adding a person with "bad" reputation to your account.
— Social error. network.
— Advertising of prohibited materials.
— Restricted content ads.
— Advertising complaints.
— Page does not match ad.
— Use of prohibited scripts on the page.
— Redirecting the user to another site.
— The domain you advertised on is already flagged as suspicious by another account.
— Follow the rule: 1 advertising account = 1 card.
— Many similar actions in a short period of time.
Are there replacement accounts?
Yes, there is, a detailed procedure for replacing accounts is indicated in the "Replacement Rules".